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PC various material

We would like to offer to You PC regrind material, quantity 35 tons.

Below You will find information about some of our regrinds. Full material list is available on demand.

  • various colours
  • flame resistant and flammable
  • injection and extrusion


Name Colour Injection/Extrusion Quality Form Weight net
PC  clear injection black PMMA/ABS inclusions regrind 5 970
PC  translucent red   clear PMMA inclusions regrind 900
PC  white injection   regrind 800
PC  black injection GF10, V1 regrind 6 500
PC  green injection GF15, V0 regrind 3 000
PC  white injection GF, V0 regrind 3 000
PC  mix grey colours injection GF, V0 regrind 4 000
PC  mix black and grey injection GF, V0 regrind 4 000
PC  various extrusion sheet waste sheet 7 000
        together: 35 170